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The Configuration menu links you to your personal OpenOLAT settings, your profie and password administration, and System gives you access to the manual and the print prompt. Tools selected for quick access can be found in the navigation bar, to the left of the chat icon.


You can modify your personal data in the personal menu in the "Profile" option. This may be necessary if you want to forward OpenOLAT e-mail messages to another mail address or if you want to create a visiting card.

Just indicate your data in your profile and save that information. By means of check boxes you can decide which data should appear on your visiting card, that is, what other users should be able to see. You can also upload a photo to be published on your visiting card. This photo will also be visible when publishing forum contributions or comments.


The settings allow you to adapt OpenOLAT accourding to your needs.

You can adapt the font size and your system language in the tab "System" (OpenOLAT has been translated into numerous languages). You can further determine how often you want to receive notifications via e-mail. You can choose between: off, monthly, weekly, daily, every 6 hours, and every two hours. In addition to that, find the roles you hold in OpenOLAT beneath your user name. You can set OpenOLAT to automatically resume your last session, or do so only on request.

Landing page: Here you can set any OpenOLAT page as your personal landing page, thus overriding the system wide landing page. You can use any page within OpenOLAT that has its own URL. The respective link can be found in the social sharing bar in the bottom left. Just copy & paste the link in order to set that page as landing page. You can also use the "Set current page as start" button there.

User tools - quick access: Here you define which tools should be placed for quick access into the navigation bar to the left of your avatar. The "Help" and "Print" functions can be configured accordingly.

Should you perchance encounter problems such as misaligned menues or tool boxes, try to "Reset configurations" in order to reset everything to a working default configuration.

The tab "WebDAV" provides you with the WebDAV link to your OpenOLAT system, thus providing you with comfortable means to manage files in courses accessible to you. Your chat features can be determined by means of "Instant Messaging," e.g. your status after having logged in.

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