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Login to OpenOLAT is possible anytime through your organisation's access page. First select your university on the intro page. You will then be passed on and invited to enter your access data. Now you can use the full functionality of OpenOLAT. If you belong to none of the listed universities, select Alternative login possibilities. In case you should forget your password you can contact your responsible helpdesk.

The login page provides you with further features and more information (guest access, browser check, website accessibility) that can be used without any login.

Guest Access

You can use OpenOLAT as guest as well. The so-called guest access provides an insight into OpenOLAT with limited access to certain features: you will only get to learning content that is explicitly open to the public. In order to have access to other material and activities you will have to register first.

Browser Check

OpenOLAT is optimized for the following browser software: 

Internet Explorer 6 by Microsoft is not fully supported anymore. Read more about this here: IE6 countdown

If you want to use a different browser you can test that by means of the browser check. You will know if your browser can be used and which OpenOLAT features will then be available.

In any case, your browser must accept session cookies, and Javascript must be enabled.

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