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A portfolio template is assigned to a course and you can find it as a learning resource in authoring. 

Create a section
1Open the portfolio template in authoring and "My entries".

2In "Overview" all created sections and entries appear.
3On the top right "Create new section" can be selected.
4Insert a short title and create section.

Additionally a summary can be written. Begin and end refer to the whole section,
e.g. the duration of a semester.  This time period is only indicative and does not limit the access in any way.


Sections can only be edited, deleted and moved in "Overview".
Sections cannot be divided into subsections. To every section assignments can be added.  

Create and edit assignments

1Open the portfolio template in authoring and "My entries".

2Select either the desired section in "Overview" or click on the tab "Entries".
3Select the button "New assignment".
4Insert short title.
5Create an assignment as text and/or upload a document and save it.

Under selection choose the desired selection. The assignment will appear in this section.

7Under type choose essay.
8Additionally a summary for a greater overview for the users can be created.

Furthermore in "Entries" the existing assignments can be edited and deleted
and the order can be changed.  

Create and edit survey in the portfolio

1Creation of the survey is the same as for the assignment, except for type you choose survey instead of essay.

2Afterward select the already created learning resource Survey (Portfolio).

Then it can be chosen between self and external evaluation.

Self evaluation: The user fills out a self evaluation. No external evaluation is possible.

Self- and external evaluation: Self as well as external evaluations are possible. The self evaluation is not visible for the person doing the external evaluation.

Invitee can see self evaluation: With this option the self evaluation is shown to the person who does the external evaluation. The self evaluation is shown after the external evaluation is done.

Anonymous external evaluation: The external evaluations are anonymous. For the user it is not visible, who did which external evaluation.

4Finally Save all.


In general the author creates assignments and not entries.

Further configuration

In "Overview" the metadata of a portfolio template can be edited.

In "History" all modifications are listed in a chronological order.

In "Portfolio 2.0 template" and "Options" the authorisation to create new entries in a binder can be given. By default a user can "only" create 1 entry for an assignment in a collected portfolio task.