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As soon as the owner has provided the group with tools group members will see the following items in the group menu:

InformationDepending on the configuration group coaches as well as group participants can create messages.
CalendarGroup events should be managed via the group calendar. According to the configuration you will hold the write permission or the permission to read only.Events can be connected to linked courses, the library documents and external links.
CourseA table overview of all linked courses is available here. Clicking on a course name opens the corresponding course in a new tab.
MembersHere you will see a list containing all group participants and/or its coaches. Depending on the settings, the waiting list might be visible too. Depending on the configuration the list can be downloaded and printed and the members can send emails.
E-MailSend all group owners or participants an e-mail.
FolderExchange documents with other group members.
ForumHere you can discuss with other group members.
ChatYou will see who else is present in the group chat. Enter the chat room to communicate with others in real time.
WikiUse a Wiki to jointly create learning content.

PortfolioUse a portfolio to jointly create a binder or add entries.
OpenMeetingsUse OpenMeetings for online communication and collaboration in virtual classrooms.

A Wiki is especially useful for recording group work and other projects, or for creating link collections. When subscribing to a Wiki OpenOLAT will notify you of any modifications.