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Just follow the instructions below to create a simple test or questionnaire in no time before embedding it in your course and activating it for your participants.


Step 1: Open course editor and insert course element
1Search for your course in "Authoring", section "My entries," and open it.
2Click on "Course editor" in the drop-down menu "Tools" in the toolbar.
3Select position at which your test, self-test or questionnaire course element should be inserted by clicking on it.
4Select "Test," "Self-test" or "Questionnaire" in the pop-up "Insert course elements" in the toolbar.
5Indicate a short title for your course element in the tab "Title and description" and save your settings.
Step 2: Create a test or questionnaire file
1Click on "Choose, create or import file" in the tab "Configuration test/self-test/questionnaire."
2Click on "Create."
3Indicate the title of your test and click on "Create".

Your file is now created and consists of one section as well as one single-choice question by default. If there are no such questions in your test you can delete that default single-choice question as soon as you have added any other question.

Step 3: Edit test or questionnaire and add new question (e.g. multiple choice)
1Click on "Edit."
2Select your type of question (e.g. multiple choice) in the drop-down menu "Add" in the toolbar.
3Select position at which your new question should be inserted and save your settings.
4Indicate title and configuration (optional) in the tab "Meta data" and save your settings.
5Click on the pencil icon next to "New question" in the tab "Question/answers" before editing your question and saving your settings.
6Select "Add new answer" several times (number depending on possibilities) before editing your answers and saving your settings.
7In your test check all answer options that are correct and save your settings.
8Modify assessment method (optional) and save your settings.
9Indicate feedback in the next tab (optional) and save your settings.

In following the same pattern you can now add additional questions of your favored type. Use sections to organize your questions.

Step 4: Save test or questionnaire
1Click on "Close/Save" in the right corner of the toolbar.
2Save your settings.
Step 5: Publish and activate your course
1Navigate back to your course editor.
2Select "Publish" in the toolbar on top.
3Check course element before clicking on "Next."
4Select "All registered OpenOLAT users" from the pull-down menu, section "Modify course access."
5Click on "Finish."

Your test or questionnaire is now embedded and can be used by your course participants.

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