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Context-Sensitive Help


While working with OpenOLAT you cannot only dispose of this manual but also use OpenOLAT's context-sensitive Help. This Help feature explains the options you have regarding OpenOLAT's configuration--right where you are at that particular moment, by opening the relevant location in this manual. You will recognize this feature by a question mark icon. Just click on that icon to open the manual in a new window.

In addition to that, you will find 3 more types of assistance mainly in forms, but not restricted to, which will provide you with brief information on single form fields. When locating this icon to the right of a label, a mouseover will display a short information. Here an example of the configuration of a test in the course editor: 

Light grey text within a form field

assists you with filling out the field itself, while light grey text underneath a field 

provides information about the what's required. 


Please contact your local support team.

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