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Modifications During Course Operation

Make modifications during course operation as usual by means of the course editor. You can delete, move, add or copy course elements. As long as you do not publish your modifications they will not affect your ongoing course.

You decide when your modifications should be presented. When trying to publish you will get a message on how many users are working on your course at that very moment.

All users working on your course at that moment will have to restart the course. Test results or forum contributions that have not been saved will be lost! If there are users of your course and it is possible to publish your modifications at a later date we recommend canceling the publishing process and trying again later.

Most users usually work on courses from Sunday till Friday between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. It would therefore be best to publish courses on Saturday morning.

Modifications in Tests, Self-tests and Questionnaires

As soon as a test, self-test or questionnaire is embedded in a course it is only possible to correct typing errors. Open your test or questionnaire in the editor und make your modifications.

Embedded tests, self-tests, and questionnaires cannot be modified further. Let us assume that you could add questions or check other answers as correct; then not all participants would have the same conditions any longer. In addition results could have been saved that would no longer be assignable to that new version of your test or questionnaire file. This is why editing embedded tests, self-tests and questionnaires is restricted.

If you want to add a question to your test or realize that you have checked a wrong answer as correct you can copy and save your test in learning resources. In the course editor you can then replace your file in that test course element before embedding that new test file. If there are some results already existing they will be stored in your personal folder; you can then decide if OpenOLAT should notify those course participants that have already taken that test of your modifications. Now you can edit your new test file.

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