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The following helps you to create a Content Package in no time before embedding it in your course and activating it for your participants.

Step 1: Start course editor and insert CP course element
1Search for your course in "Authoring", section "My entries," and open it.
2Click on "Course editor" in the drop-down menu "Tools" in the toolbar.
3Select position at which your CP course element should be inserted by clicking on it.
4Select "CP learning content" in the pop-up "Insert course elements" in the toolbar.
5Indicate a short title for your course element in the tab "Title and description" and save your settings.
Step 2: Creating CP learning content
1Click on "Select, create or import CP learning content" in the tab "Learning content."
2Click on "Create."
3Indicate the title of your CP and click on "Create".

Now you are within the editor. A new CP usually consists of one chapter ("CP learning content") and one page ("New page").

Step 3: Edit CP
1Click on "Edit."
2Edit title: Click on icon "Edit page properties" and insert a new one.

3Edit content: Edit page in the provided field and format before saving it.
4Insert new page: Click on icon "Add page." Your new page will be inserted underneath the highlighted element.

5Copy page: Click on icon "Copy page." Your copied page will be inserted underneath the highlighted element.

6Import page: Click on "Import page." Then click on "Select file" before selecting a HTML page. Click on "Import."
7Delete page: Click on icon "Delete page" and confirm.

Now you can insert more pages following the same pattern. More information on the available editor features can be found in the CP Editor chapter.

You can import several HTML pages at once by zipping them before uploading the resulting ZIP file.

Click on the icon "Preview" on your top right in the toolbar to have a look at your CP before saving it.

Step 4: Save CP
1Click on "Save" in the lower center.
2Close CP tab and navigate back to your course.
Step 5: Publish and activate your course
1Select "Publish" in the toolbar on top.
2Check course element and then go "Next."
3Select "All registered OpenOLAT users" from the pull-down menu in "Modification of course access."
4Click on "Finish."

The CP is now embedded in your course and course participants can read its content. In order to edit this CP just click on "Edit" in the tab "Learning content."

Alternatively, a CP can be created just like any other learning resource in the author area and then integrated into the desired course. This procedure is recommended to understand that learning resources are cross-course tools and that integration into the selected course is only one possibility. The same CP can be integrated and used in several OLAT courses.

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