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The following information refers to the old questionnaire (portfolio). As of version 13, there is no longer a specific questionnaire for the e-portfolio. Instead, the general (new) learning resource "survey" is used.

As a learning resource the Survey (portfolio) can be created in the authoring section and after that be added to a portfolio template.

Add a title and save the survey. As soon as the survey is created open the editor under Tools with "Edit content". The editor for the creation of the survey opens.

Some edit options are the same as for the assignment in the portfolio. So you can add for example a title and a heading, write a text, add separators or upload a file. Further information you can find here.

In addition to the mentioned elements you can add rubrics and text input fields. Available rubrics types are:

Discrete with Radio

Discrete with Slider


For the two discrete forms, the desired attributes can be added on the left and on the right. Per row the attributes can be added either only left, or only right or both. Additionally the number of steps (2-10) needs to be selected and defined if desired. 

With + Add Slider new rows can be added.

Adding a text input you only have to specify the number of rows. This defines the shown size of the text field, but does not limit the number of rows. Thus a user can insert more text then the given rows.

Then the Survey (Portfolio) is saved in the authoring and can be added to the portfolio assignment.