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A Wiki (Hawaiian for "fast") is a hypertext system for websites. In contrast to HTML pages users can not only read Wiki pages but also edit them. A Wiki can document group work or serve as a kind of knowledge base for your course. Wiki pages are created by means of a special Wiki syntax before editing and linking them to one another.

Introduce Wikis as knowledge base created by advanced students to be used as reference in an introductory course; or as a list of links for series of lectures that are related thematically.

A Wiki is a learning resource usually embedded in an OpenOLAT course. You can use the same Wiki in several courses ans also stand-alone.

By default all course participants have the right to read and write Wikis. Only those OpenOLAT users having created Wiki pages or registered Wiki owners are allowed to delete those Wiki pages. These pre-set rights can be adapted in the tab "Access" of your course element according to your needs.

Only registered Wiki owners are allowed to modify a Wiki menu.

If you do no longer wish to use a Wiki as collaborative tool but only as a kind of reference, (i.e. you do not want its content to be altered) just lock that Wiki's access in the tab "Access" of your course element in the section "Edit/create article."

This chapter will explain how course authors can create Wikis in OpenOLAT before embedding them in a course. Here you will find an illustrated step-by-step instruction as well as information on how to adapt Wikis according to your needs.

The wiki module has been disabled by a system administrator if you can't find neither the Wiki course element nor the learning ressource.

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