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Beside system users a guest access can be enabled. Guests are anonymous, not registered users, which cannot be managed in the user management.

First some settings in the administration need to be done. These settings can only be done by the system administrator. 

Course level

In a course the course owner can set the access configuration that also guests get access to the course.

The following course elements can be seen by guests:

  • Read: CP learning content, blog, wiki, forum, notifications, calendar, single page, external page, file dialog, link list
  • Forum: In the course editor it can be defined by the course owner, if guests should be allowed to create forum entries
  • Watch podcast and video
  • Folder: download files
  • Participant folder: same as normal user
  • SCORM: do
  • Test: do it depending on configuration
  • Self-test: do it (even if option is not selected)

If you want to give a guest a direct access to a course, you can send him the external link for the course. It is important, that the course is activated for guests in the access configuration. The external link can be found on the info page of the course. 

Administrative settings are made by OpenOlat administrators in the section Login → "Guest and Invitation" and under "Customizing" → "Sites.