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Since OpenOlat version 15.5 the term survey is no longer used for the corresponding learning resource. The learning resource is now called "Form" and the corresponding course element "Survey".

Forms are learning resources in OpenOlat that can be integrated into (several) courses and made available to people in this way e.g. as a questionnaire.

If a form is used in the sense of a questionnaire, it can be used both as a final evaluation and as formative feedback. With a questionnaire you can determine the expectations of the participants at the beginning of the course or evaluate the course offering at the end of the course.

Surveys are created using the forms editor and can include different question types. Each form consists of a page with one or more questions. Like all learning resources, a questionnaire can also be copied, exported, and deleted.

Using the course element "Survey", a questionnaire can be added to a course and then completed by the participants. In addition, questionnaires can also be used as a rubric evaluation in the course element "Assessment".

OpenOlat ensures that each course participant can only complete the questionnaire once. Questionnaire results are saved anonymously by default. However, personalization is possible.

Before using the Questionnaire Editor, we recommend that you consider a concept for the survey and prepare the questions. This allows you to quickly create the survey using copy+paste.

Old questionnaires created with OpenOlat version 12 or earlier can no longer be used.

Editing forms and surveys

As soon as a form has been integrated into a course and the first participant has called up this course element, only limited changes can be made under "Edit content". An exchange of the survey in the course element "Survey" is not possible.

If you want to change a form after its integration into the course, simply add a new course element "Survey" and re-integrate the form there. A change in the same element is not possible.

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