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Block Wiki resource: Wiki configuration: Disable the option "Enable Wiki resource" to block the Wiki system-wide. The Wiki component is currently still vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks (XSS). Therefore the XSS scanner can be activated additionally. This can lead to impairments in the Wiki functionality in OpenOlat. If the XSS scanner is switched off, the Wiki can be used with the risk of an XSS attack. However, the Wiki component has automatic versioning, which makes it difficult for attackers to remain undetected.

Automated user life cycle

Similar to the automatically controlled course lifecycle, the lifecycle of OpenOlat users can now be automated.In a first step, the accounts of users who have not been active for a longer period of time can be deactivated and the user status set to "inactive". If there is no new login within the defined period, the user account will be deleted. Depending on the configuration, users can receive an e-mail with a corresponding message before or after deactivation or deletion of the account.

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