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Here you will find an overview of the rights of the coach.

Course elements

Course elementRightsAdditional configuration options

Knowledge transfer

Structurecall = participant-
Single pageread = participantediting possible
External pagecall = participant-
CP learning contentexecute = participant-
SCORM learning contentexecute = participant-
Folderupload documents
Podcastadd, edit, delete episodes
Blogcreate, edit, delete entries
Videoexecute = participant
card2brain flashcardslearn = participant


Assessmentview only = participant

An evaluation of learners is however possible for coaches via the "assessment tool".

Taskcorrect tasks, extend deadlinescreate new task
Portfolio taskcollect = participant
Grouptaskonly access as group coach of an assigned group (analogous to task)create or upload a new task

execute = participant

no test configuration but access to the assessment tool, so tests can be evaluated and points awarded

Self-testexecute = participant
Surveyexecute = participant, results from the coach also in the questionnaire statistics


personal checklist visible

checklist management including evaluation and download, no creation of checkboxes

Communication and collaboration

Wikiedit = participant

edit = open discussion topics, edit, delete posts, filter user, but do not create forums

File dialog

files: upload but not from the storage folder (="copy file") 

forum part like course element "Forum"

Participant folder

access to all delivery folders
return folder, if enabled
Participant listdownload, email and print
Virtual Classroomsmoderation in VC (differences depending on VC)

Administration and Organisation

Enrolementenrol = participant
Notificationscreate, edit, delete messages
E-mailsend e-mails = participant
Calendercreate calendar entries


LTI pageexecutedepending on LTI
Topic assignmentselect = participantcreate theme, manage everything
Appointment scheduling

enrol = participant

manage appointments and participants
Link listread = participant
By default, coaches do not have access to the course editor and therefore cannot create course elements or set them up in the course editor.

Kurs tools

The following tools are available to course coaches as standard.



Assessment toolanalogous to the course owner
Test Statisticsanalogous to the course owner, but cannot display results of owners/coaches
Survey Statisticsanalogous to the course owner
Lectures and absencesRecord absences

The following tools can be activated for group coaches or also participants in the member administration under rights.


Group management
Member management
Course editor
Course archive

Glossar tool

Course DB

Course coaches do not have access to the following functions.


Storage folderFiling the files and html pages of the course

Learning area

Change course info

Access configuration
Assessment mode
CatalogueAdd course to catalogue
LayoutSelect layout for the course
OptionsActivating course tools like course calendar, chat, search
Efficiency statementsSwitch on and off or add certificate
ReminderCreation and configuration
Lectures and absencesCreation and configuration
CopyCopy the course
Export contentExport the course
Life cycle: close/deleteSet course to status finished or delete

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