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In the administration in the "Core functions" area, settings can also be made regarding the files, including versions and quotas.

In the Overview tab, administrators can get a quick overview of the number and size of OpenOlat files, versions, deleted files and thumbnails, and can take actions in this regard.

In the "Versions" tab, the maximum number of versions for a file can be defined.

If versioning is enabled, files are not overwritten but created as a new version (also called revision). Older versions of a document can be downloaded and restored if necessary. If files are deleted, they appear in the list of deleted files and can be restored. If the versioning function is enabled, files can also be locked, e.g. if a user is working on a document and wants to prevent another user from creating a new version in the meantime.

Versioning is available in all folders of the system: personal folders, group folders, course folders, resource folders and course elements 'folders'.

In the tab "Quotas" the maximum storage size and the upload limit for certain paths can be defined and adjusted. New quotas can also be added.

In the "Large Files" tab, administrators can search specifically for large files and view more details about them.

In the "Deleted Files" tab, files can be permanently deleted from specific paths.

Delete Orphan Versions:

All documents which are manually deleted or for which versioning is no longer available are placed in a kind of recycle bin. From there they could be restored, but they still need the same amount of memory. With Delete Orphan Versions this recycle bin is deleted. The versions can no longer be restored, but they also no longer require any memory.
Clean up versions:

The number of versions can be adjusted. If, for example, 5 versions are now changed to 2 versions, 3 versions per document are superfluous. However, these are not deleted directly. If you set the number back to 5 versions, they will become visible again. However, to delete these versions completely, click on Clean up versions. Afterwards, the versions can no longer be restored.

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