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Tab: Assignment

You either upload directly create your task files in the tab "Assignment." More files than one for a single task can be provided by uploading all required files in .zip file format. If a task is created with the internal OpenOLAT editor, multiple files such as images or PDF files can be provided by first uploading them in the WYSIWYG editor and then linking them in the corresponding html page. Such a task will then be downloaded in .zip file format as well.

In the field "Message for user" you can provide general information for all course participants regarding your tasks. In the field "Type of assignment" you determine if a course participant can choose between all available tasks or if your tasks should be allocated automatically as well as randomly. Select in the field "Type of sampling" if several course participants shall be able to work on the same task or if each course participant shall work on a different task. If a task is selected manually you can further decide in the field "Preview" if course participants shall be allowed to have a look at a task before selecting it.

In case course participants must all work on different tasks, you have to offer at least the same number of tasks as there are course participants.