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Keywords: Change user name -- BigBlueButton  BigBlueButton recordings: publication -- Opencast recording handler -- Opencast course element

With OpenOlat 15.2 we release our next major release.  This brings a special feature with it: From now on it is possible to change the username in OpenOlat - yay! The BigBlueButton module has also been further expanded, so that It includes extensions in the BigBlueButton module, for example, recordings can be released for specific user groups of participants, for example. With For the integration of OpenCast via a separate course element, recordings from the OpenCast server can now processing of the BBB-recordings an additional handler was integrated, which stores the recordings on an Opencast server. Recordings from the Opencast server can be integrated into OpenOlat . In addition to via a separate Opencast course module. Besides minor adjustments , the multi-window mode has also been was further improved and if necessary the user name can be changed in OpenOlat.

Overall more than 30 new features and improvements have been added to OpenOlat since release 15.1 and many processes have been improved. Here, you can find the most important new features and changes. In addition to these improvements, more than 20 bugs have been fixed. The complete list of changes for 15.1 – 15.1.3 4 can be found here.

Table of Contents

User renaming

Starting from this release the username can be changed in OpenOlat. Until now this was not possible due to many dependencies of the identity object. Now the dependencies of user names have been removed from the login process.


The default configuration automatically uses the new scheme.

An opt-out configuration allows to use the old schema with authentication.authusername as during identity generation (subsequent renaming is not possible). The configuration is done via a global flag in the This allows systems using other authentication providers like LDAP, Shibboleth or oAuth to keep the previous handling of user names.

BigBlueButton - Extensions

If BigBlueButton meetings are recorded, the publication of the recordings can now be controlled specifically. For this purpose, a list of participants is kept for each recording, which makes it possible to release the recording for different groups of participants:

  • Owner and coach
  • Course and group participants
  • All participants of the meeting (except guests)
  • Guests

In addition, an infrastructure was created that allows BBB recordings to be stored on an OpenCast Opencast server. A re-integration of these recordings at other OpenOlat locations is possible via the OpenCast Opencast module.

Course element Opencast

With the course element OpenCastOpencast, recordings of meetings and courses stored on an OpenCast Opencast server can be integrated into OpenOlat courses. The configuration and connection of the OpenCast Opencast server is done in the administration. In the course element either single videos or whole series can be integrated.

Additional notes

  • Change of username is possible, frentix customers please contact the frentix support
  • Course tools can be integrated into Single pages and opened directly via link (see screenshot)
  • Number of users waiting for the exam to start in exam mode is displayed for the coach in the assessment tool
  • Users can be added to courses, groups, etc. using first and last names
  • Course tool "Calendar" can also be opened in a new window

Important note for administrators


The JDBC driver for MySQL has been updated. Please check if the timezone is set in the database, because the driver does not accept undefined timezones.


SET GLOBAL Time_Zone = 'Europe/Zurich';

The following parameter should be checked in the

The connection collation attribute is mandatory for a few queries in OpenOlat. Please set this attribute with the same collation that is used in the database.

Technical details

  • Framework feature to create new windows from within a controller
  • Detach LDAP user name from OpenOlat user name and enable LDAP users via Excel import
  • Library Updates
  • Updating third-party libraries

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