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Tab: Workflow

The assignment, submission and sample solution steps can be configured with a deadline, with the assignment and submission open until that specific date, whereas the sample solution won't be available before the respective date. Instead of using a fixed calendar date, relative dates are available too, resulting in deadlines dependent on participant activities, such as a first course launch. Alle eingestellten Zeitvorgaben können auch individuell angepasst werden, z.B. wenn ein Lerner aufgrund bestimmter Umstände eine Verlängerung benötigt. Dies gilt für alle Prozessschritte.Image Removednoch englische Version erstellenAll defined dates can be adapted individually, e.g. if a participant needs more time according to special circumstances. This is possible for all workflow steps.

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Further relative date options are the course starting date (only available with a configured execution period), enrollment respectively booking date or the date of the task assignment. 

In the segment "Task type", only available in the group task, is defined which groups or learning areas can access the group task element.


Changing the workflow later will influence all individual participants and groups even if they already have started the assignment.

Changing the workflow, for example deleting the assignment step, will delete the corresponding elements from the workflow for all members or groups. Information about the chosen task will not be visible anymore. If you reactivate the element of the workflow the information will be accessable again.

However, if you add the assignment step later and a member or group is already further into the task, then they don't have to choose an assignment anymore.