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In order to work with OpenOLAT you need an internet connection as well as a browser. Die Art der Erstregistrierung und das konkrete Vorgehen kann je nach OpenOLAT Instanz variieren. Meist ist das Vorgehen jedoch direkt auf der jeweiligen OpenOLAT Login-Seite erkennbar. Bei Unklarheiten oder Rückfragen wenden Sie sich bitte an den lokalen OpenOLAT Support Ihrer OrganisationThe kind of the first registration as well as the concrete procedure varies depending of the OpenOLAT instance. However, usually the procedure is visible on the corresponding OpenOLAT login page. In the case of dubieties or queries please contact the local OpenOLAT support of your organization. Concerning your first OpenOLAT registration, please contact the manager responsible for e-learning in your organisationorganization.

After successful registration you will be directed to the systemwide landing page, which can differ between systems und auch noch mal für OpenOLAT Autoren und Benutzer variierenand also between OpenOLAT authors and users. Further information on how to set your personal landing can be found in Settings.