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Course Chat

By default there is a chat room for each course, the so-called course chat. It can be used as informal platform to exchange information or as forum for experts; course authors can determine a certain time to answer questions of their course participants.

When entering the chat room your name will not be displayed. Only if you select your name in the "Participants" section will your real be on display.

If you do not want to offer a course chat you can deactivate it from either the info page or the course; just click on "Option" in the "Course" drop-down menu. The course toolbar will no longer display a link to the chat room.

The section "Using Course Tools" provides you with information on how to delete the chat history of a specific course.



A glossary serves to explain terms to be found in your course. Texts of a course will be searched for glossary terms; results will be marked accordingly. When moving the cursor over such a term its definition will be displayed.

If you want to use such a glossary in your course you have to create one first in the authoring section. A corresponding link can be found in the drop-down menu "Create." In the tab "Term and synonyms" you can determine the technical terms to be explained as well as these terms' synonyms. In the tab "Flexions" you can also identify flexions of a term if a "Morphologic service" is available. Course participants will not only be able to see a term's definition when moving the cursor over that term (e.g. referendum) but also when moving it over that term's flexions (e.g. referendums, referendum's). In the tab "Definition" you can finally comment on these technical terms.

The alphabetical index of the glossary can be deactivated in the section "Alphabetical index" in the detailed view of your glossary. The section "Write permissions" allows you to activate write permissions for all system users, thus creating a collaborative glossary.

In order to allow only course participants to add or edit such glossary terms, disable the write persmissions for all users, create a corresponding right group and allow that group to use the glossary tool.

If you do not need a glossary anymore or if you want to use another one you can modify your settings either in the info page or the course; just click on "Option" in the "Course" drop-down menu. Per course only one glossary is allowed.