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A pool is a question bank that allows all system users with the appropriate rights (authors) the exchange of question items. Pools can be either public, thus automatically granting access to all system authors, or privat, giving access only to selected users, e.g. members of staff to a particular department. Pools, whether public or private, both display this icon: Users without question bank managing rights are able to set up their own pools by sharing question items with one or more groups. Group shares display this icon: Create a new pool by clicking the "Create pool" button. Already existing pools may also be edited or deleted. 


titleCreate Pool

  1. "Create pool" button: Creates a new pool. The "Create pool" form opens
  2. Enter the name of the new pool
  3. Define whether the pool should be public (visible to all authors) or private. If you are creating a private pool, add owners (5) to determine who should have access to the pool
  4. Edit name or visibility for already existing pools
  5. Add or remove owners - only relevant for private pools


Just like question types, newly created level need to be translated into each language available, so as to make sure that e.g. german as well as english speaking users are shown the correct terms. Proceed as described under "Create types".


OpenOLAT offers 8 default licenses, of which seven are Creative Commons licenses, and the eighth is an „All rights reserved“ license. Please note that the default licenses can not be deleted.  Information on Creative Commons can be found in the Wikipedia and on While the Creative Commons licenses all allow user to at least copy and share copyrighted material, the "All rights reserved" license clearly states that the material in question cannot be copied freely.

You can create more license types if the default license types are not sufficient. Click on the "Create license" button and enter the designate license name. Licenses created in such a way cannot be edited afterwards, the can only be deleted.


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The license for a question item can be assigned by opening that questions' detail page and then altering the "Copyright" metadata in the "Rights" categorie. The "Freetext" license, which is not listed in the question bank administration, allows the author to enter an individual item-specific license text.