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Questionnaires are learning resources in OpenOLAT OpenOlat that can be integrated into (several) courses and made available to people in this way.


Using the course element "Survey", a questionnaire can be added to a course and then completed by the participants. In addition, questionnaires can also be used as a rubric evaluation in the course element "Assessment".

OpenOLAT OpenOlat ensures that each course participant can only complete the questionnaire once. Questionnaire results are saved anonymously by default. However, personalization is possible.


A new learning resource "Survey" has been used since OpenOLAT OpenOlat Version 13.  It is not possible to automaticly transfer old questionnaires into the new format! Überlegen Sie, welche Fragetypen sich für Ihre neue Befragung eignen. Tipp zur Übertragung: Für Fragen mit gleicher Antwortskala bietet sich die Verwendung des Fragetyp Rubrik an Consider which question types are suitable for your new survey. Tip for transfer: For questions with the same answer scale, it is advisable to use the question type rubric.

Before using the Questionnaire Editor, we recommend that you consider a concept for the survey and prepare the questions. This allows you to quickly create the survey using copy+paste.