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If you deactivate an ePortfolio module in an ongoing course only its functionalities will no longer be visible in the GUI. All artefacts and folders will still be available.

Das alte

The old ePortfolio 1.0

wird ab OpenOLAT Version 15 nicht mehr unterstützt

is no longer supported as of OpenOLAT version 15.

Types of artefacts

A selection of artefact types determines what kinds of artefacts should be collected. Deactivated artefacts already collected will be visible but they can no longer be collected. All artefacts can be collected in OLAT courses except file and text artefacts. The following artefacts are available:

  • Forum: A forum entry created by oneself
  • Wiki: A Wiki entry made by oneself
  • Evidence of achievement: A certificate made within and by OLAT regarding tests taken or tasks submitted and assessed.
  • File artefact: A file (e.g. in Adobe PDF format) collected by one single user using the accumulative artefact tool.
  • Text artefact: Text collected by a user via the accumulative artefact tool.
  • Learning journal: A blog to document your learning progress
  • Blog: A blog entry created by oneself