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primaryQuestion bank administration
Here you can configure the question pool from the system administrator's point of view. Some of the settings can also be made in the pool manager's administration.

Tab Question bank

In the first tab Question bank, basic settings of the question bank are made. It is defined whether the review process is activated and whether lists, pools and groups should be available. By default, the review process is switched off, while lists, pools and groups are activated. This is how the question pool behaves as in versions 12.2 and older. 


For more information on the review process, please refer to the corresponding chapter.

  • Taxonomy: The taxonomy "Question bank" is assigned to each question bank. This taxonomy was automatically created from the former subject. Changes can be made in the "Subjects" tab. More information about the taxonomy can be found here.
  • Selectable subjects: When "All subjects" is selected, any subject can be selected for a question, regardless of its own competencies. 
    However, if "Subjects with the competence "Teach" or "Manage"" is selected, in the question bank the questions can only be assigned to those subjects in which one has a certain competence oneself. These competences are added either under Administration → Modules → Taxonomy or in the user administration. 
  • Create subject when importing: Questions can be added to the question bank via Excel import. For each question, the subject can be imported as metadata. If this option is activated, it means that new subjects will be created by the import, if they do not already exist. If it is just a typo, a new subject will also be created.
  • Levels: The use of levels can be activated here.
  • Delete questions when author deleted: If the last author of a question is deleted from the user administration of OpenOlat, all these questions will be deleted, if this option is activated here. Otherwise, the questions remain in the question bank, without an assigned author. As a system administrator, you can search for all those questions in the question bank under "Questions" → "Without author" and assign a new author.


Here you can add, edit, merge and delete new subjects. For more information, see Taxonomy.

Tab Pools

New pools can be created, edited and deleted here. Pools as well as groups allow to share questions with each other.