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How course participants will see the course element "Task" will be explained in the chapter "Learning Activities in Courses," section "Task and Group Task".

Changing return and feedback documents

To change the feedback documents of individual participants under "Return and feedback" for a task that has already been completed, you can proceed as follows:


Feedback documents can only be changed as long as the submission deadline has not yet passed. If necessary, this deadline has to be extended!

In order to prevent participants from accessing the task again in this case, the course element can be " blocked for learners" in the course editor --> Visibility tab, for example. Attention: this option is not available in the learning path course!

  • Select the participant in the course element.
  • In the "Submission" step, select "Reopen submission".
  • A message will appear that all submitted documents will be deleted. This only applies to the coach view! All uploaded documents of the participant remain unchanged!
  • After confirming the message, you can click on a button " Collect all submitted documents". The participant documents are now available again in the coach view.
  • The feedback and return documents are now also editable again, can be exchanged, added or deleted.
Don't forget: Change the submission deadline back to the original value, and participants will no longer be able to submit anything. Also, the restriction of visibility for learners on the course element can now be removed again so that the task is available again for all participants in the course navigation.