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primaryAssessment Tool
Assessment Tool

In order to assess or modify existing assessment of the course elements "Task", "Grouptask", "Assessment", "Checklist", "LTI" or "Portfolio task" and to assess tests and SCORM modules manually you can dispose of the assessment tool. All owners of courses have access to the assessment tool as well as members of a corresponding right group and, last but not least, all coaches. Owners may assess all course participants, tutors only those they have been assigned to.

Subscribe to the notification service to be informed on new test results or new generated certificates in your drop box.

Please note that subscribing to this notification service does not include any information on submitted tasks.

You can assess according to users, groups or according to your course's structure. In the group assessment you can have either all assessable course elements on display or only those to be assessed by yourself. By clicking on "Display" only those elements will appear that are accessible for your group members.

In the user assessment you can first select one course participant from the list of all participants before choosing the element you want to assess from the list of course elements.

Here you can assess all your course participants in all course elements; access rules and visibility rights do not apply.

When assessing tasks you should first download those results that your course participants uploaded for assessment . Then fill in the assessment form. How to assess a task (e.g. passed/failed or using a score) can be defined in the configuration of the course element "Task." Assessment options cannot be modified within the assessment tool. Assessment for individual or group task can also be carried out directly in the course element.

If there are a lot of files to assess, it is advisable to download all of those files at once by means of the "Download all submitted files" button. The downloaded folder additionally contains all assigned tasks.

To assess the course element "Assessment" just fill in the assessment form.

Tests embedded in courses will be assessed automatically but you can have a look at different attempts in the assessment tool as well as scores achieved. You can also modify the number of attempts manually or add a personal comment. Attempts that are not handed in / not released, are distinguishable from other attempts and may be pulled in, either in the user view, or as a bulk action in the course element view.

Bulk assessment

By means of the bulk assessment you can assess several course participants simultaneously at any given time. All you need is a list of rows with values separated by tabs or commas. You will always need a user identification (user name, registered e-mail address or institutional identifier), the score, the passed status and, if so desired, a comment.

The bulk assessment assists you with mass assessing the course element and assessment and allows the bulk upload of return files for the course element topic assignment. The latter requires a configured return box.

The overview of planned bulk assessments provides you with miscellaneous information such as:

  • Status: shows the status of the scheduled bulk assessment
  • Date: provides exact date and time at which the assessment will be executed
  • Course element: shows the course element for which the bulk assessment is scheduled
  • Score: is checked if a score is allocated
  • Passed: shows if the passed/failed status is assigned
  • Comment: shows if comments were added
  • Files: shows if files are added to the users‘ return box
  • # Users: the number of users that are being assessed with this bulk assessment
  • Created by: name of coach

Scheduled bulk assessments may be edited as well as deleted. You will receive a mail notification upon completed assessment.

titleHow to create a bulk assessment

Select course element

Select the assessable course element for which a bulk assessment should be carried out. All course elements are displayed for which at least one of the following assessment features is configured:

  • Score
  • Passed
  • Comment
  • Files

Data input

Enter the assessment data for all users in the second wizard step. Files can be uploaded into the return folders of the course elements task and topic assignment.

Assessment values

A data row must include the following information:

  • User identification (user name, registered mail address or institutional identifier)
  • Score. Add decimals with either comma or period. Use with caution. Do not use comma decimals when applying the comma separator.
  • Passed status (see below)
  • A comment may be added if so desired

You can either copy/paste data from an Excel file, or enter manually. Select "separated by tab" when copying data from an Excel file.



You can also enter data manually. Select "separated by comma" for correct input format. See below for some examples.

alesend,5,y,HervorragendThe user gets a score of 5, a passed status and a comment added.
aalesend,,y,HervorragendIf no score is required, you can omit it, but you still have to use a placeholder.
alesend,4,y,""Already existing comments can be resetted by adding "".

Use the following entries to set the passed status:

y, yes, passed, true, 1 Passed
n, no, failed, false, 0 Failed
Return files
The bulk assessment allows the file upload into the return folders of the course element topic assignment. Using a .zip-file, you can upload as many files as required for each participant. In order to do this, create a separate folder for each participant with the folder name the respective user name. Archive the folders into a .zip file after adding all necessary files to their corresponding folders. This could look like this: 

Upload the resulting archive with the wizard. Please check the number of files for each participant in the next step.

Column mapping

In this step you must define the meaning of the columns of your assessment data. The column containing the user identification (user name, registered e-mail address or institutional identifier) is mandatory.

Depending on the configuration of the course element you can also define columns that are used for score, status or comments or discard existing columns for the import process.


A bulk assessment can be carried out immediately or at a later date. A delayed execution allows you to revise the assessment if necessary. Scheduled bulk assessments can be deleted. You will receive a mail notification upon completed assessment.

All coaches with assessment tool rights are entitled to edit or delete scheduled bulk assessments.

You can also start bulk assessments of the course elements task and assessment from the group or course structure view.



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secondarySurvey Statistics
primaryTest Statistics
Test / Survey statistics

The test & survey statistics provide you with a anonymized statistical evaluation of all tests and questionnaires embedded in your OLAT course.

Other than theassessment toolwhich offers a wealth of information on test results of individual users, the test and survey statistics tools enable you to evaluate tests as a whole. This includes e.g. information on the average completion time, item difficultiy of individual questions, number of participants and how many participants passed the test. Single questions are analysed just as detailed. Typical item analysis parameters facilitate the evaluation of a test with regard to difficulty or suitability.

You can download both the graphical analysis as well as the raw data in the tool. The test and survey statistics tools use the same raw data as available in the archive tool.

Only coaches have access to the test and survey statistics. As a coach, you will get the analysis for all your coached participants.