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primaryCourse Reminders
The course reminder feature allows you to create sets of rules / conditions, which, when met, automatically trigger a previously defined e-mail to a specified user group. Intervals and sending times are determined systemwide by the administrator. Regardless of that, course authors can trigger notifications at any given time. Only those users that already met the conditions/rules will receive a reminder though.

Auf der Übersichtsseite sehen Sie alle für einen Kurs bereits erstellten Erinnerungen. Im Tab „"Protokoll versendeter Erinnerungen“ finden Sie eine Auflistung aller bereits gesendeten Erinnerungen. Diese Liste enthält Informationen zum Empfänger sowie die Sendezeit. Einzelne Erinnerungen können aus dieser Liste über den Link „Wieder schicken“ einfach verschickt werden.

All course reminders can be viewed in the “Reminders” tab and are always editable. A notification dispatch can be triggered independently of the system sending time via the "Tools" icon. The overview contains information on the creation and modification dates, the creator as well as the number of times a reminder has already been sent. You can create a new reminder by clicking the "Add reminder" button.

The “Sent reminder log” tab provides you with On the overview page you can see all the reminders already created for a course. In the tab "Sent reminder log" you will find a list of all reminders that have already been sent, containing information on the recipients name and send time. This view allows the author to resend reminders to single users . This list contains information about the recipient as well as the sending time. Individual reminders can be easily sent from this list via the "Resend" link.

Create course reminder

Reminders can be set up at any time. Click the button "Add reminder". Add the E-mail text and the E-mail subject. The description need to be added as well. It is only visible for the other and helps to get a clear and informative layout of all reminders of the course. 

You can work with a total of 15 different conditions to create finely grained rule sets, specified for individual needs and requirements. This allows you e.g. to configure a number of different reminders for different user groups of the same course.

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Zur Konfiguration von Erinnerungen stehen verschiedene Bedingungen zur Verfügung, die nach Wunsch kombiniert werden können. Dadurch können diverse auf den individuellen Bedarf zugeschnittene Erinnerungen per Mail ausgelöst werden.


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Various conditions are available for the configuration of reminders, which can be combined as desired. This allows various reminders tailored to individual needs to be triggered by mail.


The link is an "and" link. This means that only if all conditions are met, the reminder email will be triggered.


Define the conditions needed for a reminder to be triggered. Select the kind of condition in the drop-down men, and specify the condition in the following form fields by e.g. defining a date or a score. The buttons to the right of a condition either deletes the current one or adds a new condition.