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Forums are the central tools for asynchronous discussion in online courses and also in OLAT Olat groups. Forums can be used for the exchange between the course participants, for organizational arrangements or the technical discussion with the teacher. Some online methods also use specific forums, e.g. for pro-contra discussions, the structured collection of ideas on specific aspects (brainstorming), etc.


If you want to write a new message in your forum just select "Open new topic." Title and contribution are mandatory. Be sure to use a meaningful title and change it appropriately for Reply postings.

Mit Hilfe des Foren-Editors können Sie Ihren Beitrag erstellen und formatieren und auch Dateien anhängen. Je nach Konfiguration durch den Kursbesitzer können Sie Ihren Beitrag eventuell auch unter einem Pseudonym veröffentlichenWith the help of the forum editor you can create and format your post and also attach files. Depending on the configuration by the course owner, you may also be able to publish your post under a pseudonym.

Answering Forum Contributions