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In the OpenOLAT Chat you can exchange messages with other OpenOLAT users in real time.

Sending Messages

By clicking on the two digits (xx/xx) on the top right of the menu bar next to the Instant Messaging status symbol (e.g. green dot) a list will pop up. There you will see all members of your groups logged on at that time. To start a chat you just have to click on the name of the one you would like to chat with. You can also send messages to offline users. After the next login, the respective user will receive your message as they will appear as a small envelope to the left of the chat icon.

You will not see the two digits though if the direct chat with group peers has been disabled by a system administrator. Completing the following steps, you will still be able to send messages to other users. Search for the user either via the OpenOLAT search or in your personal menu in the menu item "Other users". A click on the name opens the visiting card of this user. Below the profile image you will find a link to contact that user via chat. If that specific user has disabled the chat in his settings though, there will be no contact link available.

Of course, this approach also works with the enabled chat in order to contact OpenOLAT users that are not in your group peer list

Receiving messages

Messages can be received in two ways: In case your Instant Message status is "Available" a chat window will open upon receiving a new message. If your status is "Please do not disturb" or "Not available", messages will appear as a small envelope on the left next to the chat icon that can be found on the top right of the menu bar.

When clicking on that small letter a chat window will open containing your message. In case the chat window is already open, all new messages will be displayed there.

In case you receive a message while being offline, the message will be stored. The next time you log on, it will appear as small blinking letter next to the chat icon.

Changing Your Status

By clicking on the chat icon on the top right of the menu bar you can change your Instant Messaging status. That way you can show other OpenOLAT users if you would like to chat or not. While taking a test your status will automatically show the status "Please do not disturb." Only after that test you will be able to chat again.

If you prefer to have a different status than "available" after your login you can adapt these settings in your Home in the tab "Instant Messaging."


In the tab "Instant Messaging" you can specify whether other users should be able to contact you. If you do not wish to receive messages from other users, turn off this feature. The contact link in the card is then removed.

Chat logs

To view chat logs, open the chat window of the desired chat partner. In the top half of the window, select the time period for the protocol. You can view the chat transcript of the last day, the last week or last month.

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