The table view in "My Questions", "My favorites", the lists, the pools and the group shares provides several functions for editing and managing single or multiple items.

To use the functions listed below at least one item must be selected with a marked checkbox in the "Select" column.



Add items to already existing lists or create new lists. If a list is already open, this button allows you to rename or delete the respective list.


Export collections of items as independent learning resources to OpenOLAT, or download items in XML or IMS QTI 1.2 format. The export to Word file in .docx format is supported. To facilitate the compilation of tests, item analysis parameters such as the difficulty index or the discrimination index can be added to items. Item attributes such as information on difficulty level or average learning time may also be added. All in all, more than 20 metadata attributes, according to the learning object metadata, are available for further item specification. More information on metadata can be found in the context help of the item detailed view as well as in chapter „Item Detailed View".

Add items from the question bank to a test or questionnaire at any given time by utilizing the "Add - question from pool" function.


Shares items with pools and groups a user has access to.

Remove & Delete

Item shares can be removed from lists, pools, and groups without deleting the original question in the question database. Using the "Remove" button only removes the reference to an item, but does not delete the item itself. The "Delete" function is only available in the "My questions" table and will irrevocably delete items from all pools, groups and lists.

Create question

Question items are created here and stored directly for further use. More information on test creation can be found in the chapter "Creating Tests and Questionnaires", section "Test and Questionnaire Editor in Detail".


Copy items from pools to create your own copy in "My Questions" in your question database. Copied questions initially have the suffix "(Copy)".


Add items to the question bank by importing test or questionnaire learning resources from OpenOLAT, from external files or by via Copy & Paste from Excel files. Question items are always added to the table from where the import was started, as well as to "My Questions". Items can thus be directly imported into lists, pools or group shares. Further information on importing questions can be found in "My questions".

Author rights

Use this function to add more authors and thus their access rights to one or more items.

Change metadata

Metadata about items can be either adapted in an items detail view or with this function. The "Change metadata" function allows you to adjust single information statements simultaneously for multiple items. More information on the individual metadata fields can be found in the context help of the item detailed view.

To get a preview of an item and an overview of relevant metadata, select the table row of the corresponding item by clicking into the row.

In order to edit a question and view all available metadata, click in the preview pane on the "Details" button. If you are navigating in your question database, you can open the item editor with the "Edit" button.


In general, questions can not be edited directly in the pool. Copy the questions first into "My questions".