Tasks are used within an OpenOLAT course. You can assign various tasks to course participants electronically and collect their results via OpenOLAT as well. Furthermore you can assess those tasks and return them to course participants by means of a return box. If needed, you can request revisional work from your course participants. Additionally you can provide sample solutions. OpenOLAT will assist you with its organization by utilizing a visual workflow; you no longer have to keep an account of tasks, assessments or dates. If subscribed coaches as well es participants get informed about news and changes in the workflow, e.g requested revision per email.

In group tasks a group can choose only one question. As soon as one member picks a task, this choice counts for all group members. All group members can upload or create documents which can be edited or deleted by all group members. As soon as one member submits the final task, the task is submitted for all members. The confirmation mail for choosing and submitting a task is send to all group members. Assessment results can be set for the whole group or for each member individually.

Owners, who are not members simultaneously, can only see the "Correct" view. The view for members and groups can be checked if you choose a member or group in the overview list.

If you are owner and member simultaneously, you can change between the tabs "task" and "correct" and thus see both views.